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Reinforced Mike Mat is made up of hexagonal wire mesh and polypropylene material. This synthetic material combines the perfect anti-erosion properties of the geotextile,and has a higher mechanical tension and stronger anti-washout performance, can be widely used in slope surface anti-washout protection.

Main Features
1)Anti-washout, can be widely used in slope surface anti-washout protection.
2) Water permeable,the aperture of Mike Pad help to diacharge the water of soil.
3) Plantable,The Mike pad creates the conditions for water flow , which makes plants can grow.
4)Long service time,Economical,Easy construction

Properties of Wire
Wire Diameter(mm) Minimum Zinc Coating(g/㎡) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Wire Tolerance(mm)
Over 1.90 to 2.30 220 515max ±0.08
Over 2.30 to 2.70 230 515max ±0.08
Over 2.70 to 3.10 240 485max ±0.08
Over 3.10 to 3.50 260 485max ±0.08
Over 3.50 to 3.90 270 485max ±0.08
Over 3.90 to 4.50 275 485max ±0.08
The standard is adopt from ASTM A641.
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